Something New!

Did you notice we use our vehicles less and less?  But they are being made to be more enjoyable to ride.  Safer, more luxurious.  Items that not too long ago were costly are now standard.  Options, which most vehicles today are purchased with include; seat warmers, navigation devices, rear view cameras, automatic braking systems.  As a child we did not have all these luxuries but a Sunday Drive was always looked forward to.  The only real negative change is the cost of fuel.  The other thing we seem to lack is the know how to fix routine car problems.  There are a number of reasons for this.  One, we do not drive as much and count on indicator signals for a lot more than we used to.  We used to pull in to a gas station and have our tire pressure checked.  We depend on indicator sensors for that now.  If the sensor is bad or a fuse is out we easily can end up getting a flat.  Simple things such as jumping a battery are made very difficult today by the location of batteries in cars.  Getting in a locked vehicle is made more difficult each year.  Certified locksmiths take continuing education to keep up with all the changes.  woman in old car