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Are you Covered, and How?

Like any business model the roadside assistance industry offers a wide array of choices.  According to Consumer Affairs, under the heading of “Fees” here are some of the various plans offered. Fee This is the cost incurred for enrolling in a roadside assistance plan. Most roadside assistance companies bill annually, although there are certain providers that […]

Something New!

Did you notice we use our vehicles less and less?  But they are being made to be more enjoyable to ride.  Safer, more luxurious.  Items that not too long ago were costly are now standard.  Options, which most vehicles today are purchased with include; seat warmers, navigation devices, rear view cameras, automatic braking systems.  As […]

Just think about it!

Technology is a great thing.  But do not let technology become a road disaster for you.  Drive smart.  No texting, to talking on the phone.  Your phone navigation can be used as a great tool, but do not keep looking down at it while driving.  Have the sound on and listen to the navigation speak. […]

It Can Happen To Anyone!

We had a family gathering last weekend.  My mother discovered a screw in the center of her tire.  We asked for her keys to put on her spare.  A 2015 Kia Optima.  The vehicle did not come equipped with a spare but with a tire repair kit.  No donut, no spare, just the kit.  It […]

Does this sound silly?!

This blog may be geared more towards the younger drivers, but is something we should all be aware of.  Do you know where the battery to your car is located and the correct procedure for hooking it up when jump starting it.  Many new cars have batteries located in very abnormal places and being certain […]