Are you Covered, and How?

Like any business model the roadside assistance industry offers a wide array of choices.  According to Consumer Affairs, under the heading of “Fees” here are some of the various plans offered.


This is the cost incurred for enrolling in a roadside assistance plan. Most roadside assistance companies bill annually, although there are certain providers that bill monthly or even per incident. Reading the fine print is important.

  • Surcharges or discounts: Some roadside assistance plans levy surcharges the first time you enroll while others offer discounts to first-time users.
  • Refund: Certain providers let car owners opt out of a plan within a stipulated time-frame with a full money-back guarantee, though some companies give a pro-rated refund even after the first month of the plan has lapsed.
  • Extra cost for more drivers: Some plans ask vehicle owners to pay extra if they want to add more family members to the plan or add more vehicles.*

PayGoAuto Roadside Assistance does not require any membership fees.  Pay only when service is required.  PGA Roadside Assistance has been an A+ Accredited business with the BBB since our inception in 2014.  There are no complaints against our dispatch team or provider network.  We work hard to train and do the very best.

Our user friendly website – – has a Call Button, so you can contact our 24/7 dispatch center immediately.  It also contains a “Locate Me” button if you are stranded and do not know your location.  Servicing DFW, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Temple, Killeen, and Chorpus Christie.

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