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Just think about it!

Technology is a great thing.  But do not let technology become a road disaster for you.  Drive smart.  No texting, to talking on the phone.  Your phone navigation can be used as a great tool, but do not keep looking down at it while driving.  Have the sound on and listen to the navigation speak. […]

Who do you Trust?!

Stranded.  In unfamiliar territory.  Friends, relatives unavailable to come help you.  Possibly they do not have the correct equipment or know-how.  What will you do?  Use your mobile device and contact  A yellow “Locate Me” button will help find where you are.  Street, and zip.  No Membership Required!  Affordable Rates!  25 years experience!  All […]

All You Have To Do Is Call!

That’s right; no membership required.  Dead battery, flat-tire assistance, emergency fuel needed, or even vehicle lock-out assistance, very affordable rates.  24/7 your college daughter call and need help but you are too far away?  Have her call us at 888-895-1744 or look us up on the internet at;  There is even a Locate Me […]

Back to the Old Routine!

Back to work; back to school, end of vacations.  Time to get back in the regular routine.  This also is a good time to make sure your vehicle is ready for a steady diet of use over the next several months.  If you hear a strange noise do not wait to see if it corrects […]