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School’s Back!

School is back in session.  There are safety tips that may be forgotten over the summer.  Remember school zones are 20 mph.  There may be cars parked in front of a school where children can suddenly appear from so slower than 20mph may be best.  Not all schools have cross guards and children may be […]

Problems Occur at Inconvenient Times.

When you least expect it.  A flat tire, keys locked in your vehicle, a dead battery.  These are never things we plan for, and most of the time they occur at the most inopportune time.  The cost for a locksmith after hours and on weekends can skyrocket, but that is when it is most like […]

“It Can Happen To You” and “Pay It Foward”

These are just two good movies with a common theme.  To do good by others, and if something good happens to you share your good fortune.  Now I am not saying take your life or health in your hands and approach total strangers without regard for your own safety.  But if you see someone with […]